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Improvement of intangible cultural heritage in cross-border region

Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria-Serbia

23.11.2016 – 22.05.2018

~ 570.000 €

 Role: Project manager

The aim of the project is to present cultural heritage and attract more tourists to the region. One of the activities was joint organization of performances and for this purpose purchase of open stage equipment (sound, lights and projection systems) for Serbian partner and dismountable open space stage for Bulgarian partner was organized. Promotion of project and all the activities was focused on popular social networks and attracted more than 13.000 followers and 1.000.000 post views. Partners jointly established on-line cultural calendar and elaborated Common tourism promotion strategy.

Tourism and tradition – colourful, entertaining, attractive

Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria-Serbia

23.11.2016 – 22.11.2018

~ 590.000 €

The role: Program coordinator

Regional Administration Pernik, Bulgaria, and City municipality Crveni Krst, Serbia, realize investment project for reconstruction of museum of masks in Bulgaria and adaptation of picnic site in Serbia. The project, also, promote cultural heritage and old customs in order to attract more tourists. The movie presenting old habits and customs regarding expelling of ghosts, as well as round touristic tour, ae organized for the same purpose.


Waste management systems - shared experience and good practices in BG-SR cross-border region

Cross Border Cooperation Bulgaria-Serbia

23.04.2013 – 09.03.2015

(480.000 €)

Role: Consultant

The aim of the project is purchase of the specialized vehicle for collecting of recycling waste, purchase of plastic bins and bags for citizens to dispoze recyclable waste. At the begining the analysis of situation in Nis and Pernik was conducted, strategy applied in Pernik was adapted and applied on Nis situation. The special communal vehicle was procured and started collecting recyclable waste in municipalities Medijana and Palilula, citizens of those municipalities used bins and bags to store plastic waste before vehicle collets it. Collecting and recycling of the waste was organized in Recycling Backyard of the Public Comunal Enterprize Medijana.

Investment in the health and the prosperity of youth in the Bulgarian – Serbian region

Interreg-IPA Cross Border Cooperation Bulgaria-Serbia

23.11.2016 – 22.11.2018

~ 560.000 €

Role: Events consultant

Tackling the problem of obesity in the young people is the purpose of this project.  Analysis of situation in Nis and Pernik was conducted, special extracurricular program prepared, teachers were trained and then they will work with children in high schools. In order to sustain sport activities in the youth the project invests in reconstruction of sport terrains, surrounded by high schools, in Nis and Pernik. Also, the schoolyard in Nis is transformed in educational park with teaching examples in technical sciences.

Svrljig lamb & “belmuž” cheese – organic brands from villages of green Svrljig for large European cities – Svrljižanka


03.02.2014 – 03.02.2015

130.000 €

Role: Project coordinator for GOCK

The aim of the „Svrljizanka“ project is support of the Svrljig's cooperative, increase of membership, and branding of traditional products „belmuz“ cheese and svrljig’s lamb meat. Further development of specific packages and promotion of new products on national and international markets. Municipalities Red Cross and Niska Banja are target territories as well as Svrljig while other partnering organizations give logistic, technical and educational support. The project establishes long term cooperation between local governments and development of agriculture in the whole region.

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