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Nish Center, Tax Administration, Ministry of Finance

Nish Center, Tax Administration, Ministry of Finance

Period: November 1993 – December 1999

Position: Information System Manager

Description:  Development and management of Centre Nis - Information System Division and continual organization, training and management of 36 County Tax Departments Information Systems, development of internal (mostly web) applications, IS System Administration etc.
Coordination and management of program updates in Center itself and 36 municipal departments, development of Tax Department intranet and related applications, development of intranet providing system enabling leased line and dial-up connections of remote departments, development of on-line reporting applications as well as intranet news system and discussion groups.

Installation, management and maintenance of doezns of DNS, MAIL, Database and Web servers installed in Central office in Belgrade, all Centers in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Nis and Pristina