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City municipality Medijana, City of Nish, Serbia

Position: Coordinator

Period: October 2015 - present

Description: Coordination of development activities in the whole municipality, coordination of all departments and sectors in preparing and realization of development projects, partnering and cooperation on international level, development of project ideas on municipal/regional/national and international level, development and realization of infrastructural and soft projects, cooperation and joint projects with Civil Society Organizations and citizen’s associations, popularization of IT solutions and applications as tools and means for improvement of efficiency and availability of public services and more job openings in IT related fields. Special attention devoted to programs for children youth which improve their knowledge, develop creativity and increase competitiveness.

City municipality Crveni Krst, City of Nish

Position: Project Manager

Period: April 2013 - October 2015

Duties: Program planning and realization of development, regulation and construction projects

Participate in general planning of City municipality development programs, plan and prepare specific projects in area of development, regulation and construction on the territory of the City municipality Red Cross, plan and apply with project proposals for national and international donors in broad area of project themes. Management of international projects, development of project applications, selection of partners and cooperation with them during project preparation and realization.

During service realized a number of local projects and one in EXCHANGE 5 program as project partner.

In period 2016-2018 realized two infrastructural projects in Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria-Serbia Programme for the municipality Crveni Krst. Both budegts between 550-590.000 euro.

President of Organization Board of the ICT Forum 2014.
Member of the Organization Board of the Forum of advanced Technologies 2015

Nish Center, Tax Administration, Ministry of Finance

Period: November 1993 – December 1999

Position: Information System Manager

Description:  Development and management of Centre Nis - Information System Division and continual organization, training and management of 36 County Tax Departments Information Systems, development of internal (mostly web) applications, IS System Administration etc.
Coordination and management of program updates in Center itself and 36 municipal departments, development of Tax Department intranet and related applications, development of intranet providing system enabling leased line and dial-up connections of remote departments, development of on-line reporting applications as well as intranet news system and discussion groups.

Installation, management and maintenance of doezns of DNS, MAIL, Database and Web servers installed in Central office in Belgrade, all Centers in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Nis and Pristina

Regional Chamber of Economy Nish, Nish, Serbia

Period: January 2000 – March 2013

Position: Union of Information & Telecommunication Companies Secretary,
ICT Board Secretary,
Secretary of the Investors Club and
Information System Manager

Description: Foundation and management of Center of Excellence and Innovation, first as a project supported by USAID and then establishment of it as a independent CSO. Organization of trainings for the senior managers of medium and large companies in team management, project management, agile methodologies and tools. Cooperation with foreign investors (Regions of Nis, Pirot  and Prokuplje), coordination with national services and Ministry Departments, cooperation in service providing with Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Support for companies preparing applications for international project calls, applying for programs that increase knowledge and expertise of local and regional companies primarily in IT field. Organization and management of ICT Union and ICT Board, close cooperation with all companies in ICT field in the region of South-East Serbia, organization of ICT Forum – bi-annual presentation of new products and services in the ICT field (2004, 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2012).

City Hall of Nish

Period: May 1990 – October 1993

Position: Information System Manager

Duties: Foundation, development and management of IS Department, programming and ordering custom software for City Hall applications, intranet installation, staff training (both basic and advanced level), organization and management of three subdivisions etc.
Foundation of electronic Register of born, married and passed-away citizens, maintenance of the military recruit’s database for Ministry of Defense, computer networking with Cadaster and other City Hall departments,
Establishment of Register of voters as

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