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"THEMAtic Tourism founded on Innovation Capacities" project started on 01.03.2020 under the lead of University of Basillicata, Italy. Nine partners from six countries will work on thematic tourism.

The Main objective of the project is to promote the development of a sustainable and accessible tourism economy in the ADRION region, based on natural, cultural and historical resources.
The ADRION region is home to numerous natural and cultural heritage sites, many included in the UNESCO world heritage list. Recent trends of growing demand for thematic tourism brought new opportunities and risks for these sites.

New project, in the framework of the second call for Interreg-IPA Cross Border Cooperation Bulgaria-Serbia Programme 2014-2020 CCI No. 2014TC16I5CB007, started in July 2019. City municipality Medijana, City of Nis, Serbia, and Drama theater "Dragomir Asenov" Montana, Bulgaria, continued their good partnership from previous call in order to improve presence of art in life of young people from both sides of the border.

"Dance and play together" started on 04.07.2019 under the ref number CB007.2.13.091, with Subsidy Contract No. RD-02-29-142, signed 04.07.2019., between Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Bulgaria, and City municipality Medijana, City of Nis, Serbia.

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