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New project, in the framework of the second call for Interreg-IPA Cross Border Cooperation Bulgaria-Serbia Programme 2014-2020 CCI No. 2014TC16I5CB007, started in July 2019. City municipality Medijana, City of Nis, Serbia, and Drama theater "Dragomir Asenov" Montana, Bulgaria, continued their good partnership from previous call in order to improve presence of art in life of young people from both sides of the border.

"Dance and play together" started on 04.07.2019 under the ref number CB007.2.13.091, with Subsidy Contract No. RD-02-29-142, signed 04.07.2019., between Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Bulgaria, and City municipality Medijana, City of Nis, Serbia.

The general aim of the project consists in establishment of Network “Young Artists for sustainable development” through investments in art, studies, strategic measures and organization of networking events. Supply of equipment for improvement of tourism attractiveness in Medijana; Supply of equipment for improvement of tourism attractiveness in Montana; Research on the presence of art and culture in the young people’s lives; Philosophy of Art - courses on types of artistic expression (local and European during the centuries); Live Poetry - a platform for interaction between different artists; Back to the roots: dance event; Network “Young Artists for sustainable development”; Organizing a joint seminar „Europe as we (don’t ) know it“ for the purposes of better knowledge of the youth about their own history and the perspective for future developments ; development of a web-platform.

Supplied equipment required for active encouragement and support of the cultural life in Medijana and Montana as well as its diversification in order the needs of the citizens and tourists to be met adequtely; conducted  Research on the presence of art and culture in the young people’s lives; Provided alternative source of information towards the matters of culture, able to provoke the interest of the youth in a creative and innovative way; strengthened knowledge of the youth towards the cultural problematic; United arts/artists for the purposes of a sustainable growth; Built perspective for future collaboration on different projects regarding sustainable cultural and natural development of the CBC region among local youth; enhanced cultural awareness of the participants and extended knowledge on the various forms of art practiced in the region.;  establishment of mutual understanding and dialogue of respect between the participants from both sides of the border.

Citizens of Cross border regions Nisava and Montana - more specifically young people interested in the problematic of sustainable tourism, cultural and natural heritage.

   This project was co-financed by the European Union through the Interreg-IPA CBC Bulgaria-Serbia Programme, CCI No 2014TC16I5CB007. The contents of this project are the sole responsibility of Beneficiaries and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Union or the Managing Authority of the Programme.


Raspisivanje nabavki po PRAG procedurama zahteva razumevanje pravila, dobro pripremljene tenderske pakete i poštovanje redosleda aktivnosti.

Sledeći pravila koja su definisana PRAG-om potrebno je prvo utvrditi vrstu nabavke, na osnovu procenjene vrednostiodrediti kategoriju a zatim sastavit tenderski paket.

Tenderski paket kreira se od modela dokumenta definisanih u prilozima (Annex-ima) PRAG-a. Prilozi su podeljeni preme vrstama nabavke i to: Opšti, Usluge, Oprema i Radovi. Prema procenjenoj vrednosti nabavke se dele na vrlo male, male, srednje i velike. Najčešće se za vrlo male nabavke ne raspisuje tender nego se prikupi jedna ili više ponuda i prema tome izvrši nabavka. Za male nabavke priprema se jednostavniji tenderski paket, vrši istraživanje (lokalnog) tržišta i poziva jedan broj (3-5) izabranih firmi da daju svoje ponude tj. jave se na tender. Nabavke srednje veličine zahtevaju ceo tenderski paket, javno se objavljuju i omogućeno je svim zainteresovanim firmama da se jave na konkurs (dostave svoje ponude). Velike nabavke imaju dopunjen tenderski paket, objavljuju se na nacionalnom nivou i na sajtu odgovarajućeg programa, što omogućava učešće internacionalnih kompanija u ovoj nabavci.

Practical Guide (PRAG) menjao se tokom vremena, što je potpuno normalno, a sa njim su se menjali i modeli pojedinih dokumenata. Važeći (najnoviji) set dokumenta nalazi se na adresi: i važi za sve nabavke koje se objavljuju posle 2. avgusta 2018. godine. (PRAG 2018 is applicable to procedures where the contract notice / guidelines for applicants have been published as from 2 August 2018. The e-notices templates will be available when applicable for PRAG call for tenders.)


An EU-funded project, “Improvement of intangible cultural heritage in cross-border region“, promoted the heritage of the Bulgarian-Serbian border region with cultural activities, including plays and displays of traditional dancing, with the aim of boosting regional integration and increasing tourism and awareness of the area on social media. The activities focused on the municipalities of Montana, in Bulgaria and Nish, in Serbia.

The project was nominated for the REGIOSTARS Awards by the Management Authority of the Interreg-IPA Cross Border Cooperation Bulgaria-Serbia Programme Interreg-IPA CBC BG-RS. Even the project was not selected for the final award it was recognized as example of good practice. Special article was published on EC Regional Policy website Using culture to promote cohesion and tourism in the Bulgarian-Serbian border region.